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We are always looking for research participants. By signing up and answering a few questions, your information will provide us the details we need in order to contact you when we believe you may qualify for a research study. Your information is confidential and there will be no sales follow-up of any kind. Respondents are frequently paid an honorarium for their time, with the amount depending on the fieldwork required and amount of time involved.

Involvement in a typical research study will have participants receive high quality products delivered directly to their door and have a 5-7 question survey to fill out with every diaper change. Typical compensation varies between $85-$240 depending on the length of the study, often with an option to follow-up with an in-person focus group for additional compensation.

Baby Diapers & Wipes – We ask that participants be parents with babies who are not yet potty trained. All products to be tested and reviewed are commercially available or ready to be commercially available and safe to use.

Adult Incontinence – There is a wide range of incontinence products to meet different needs. The request form below outlines different questions that are optional. The more specifics we receive regarding the level of support you need from incontinence products, the more likely we will be able to link your profile to a specific market research study.

COVID-19 Update:

All in-person focus groups have been moved to online web conferences. Special care is taken by all of our partners who ship diapers to promote social distancing and package sanitation.

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