About Us.

With more than 33 years of experience in the factory and in the lab. Diaper Testing International is the specialized center for your diaper testing needs. We not only provide rigorous testing, we also provide industry expert insight and interpretation on what those results mean through Richer Investment Consulting Services.

A Global Lab.

We have tested thousands of diapers from more than 100 different brands around the world, Diaper Testing International has the experience and knowledge to help you get the most out of each and every diaper.

Industries Served.

The Disposable Diaper Network.

The Disposable Diaper Network (DDN) LinkedIn group brings together Diaper Industry Leaders, Researchers, Manufacturers, and Suppliers in one single forum. With over 7,500 members, the DDN is at the forefront of industry news and trends. It is THE place to be for diaper industry executives.

Comprehensive Testing Center.

Diaper Testing International’s tests aim to understand the performance of the diaper core, its containment capabilities, and isolate any situations that may arise from it manufacturing issues. Testing the properties of the core provides a sense of direction and allows for quality control defects and improvements to be detected. Continued testing on new product versions allows Diaper Testing International to provide a historical evaluation of the product, helping Private Label Owners and Manufacturers keep track of the evolution of your products through the eyes of a third party laboratory and provide a boost to Quality Control Capabilities.

Reverse Engineering and Cost Analysis.

Want to know what your competition is using to build their diapers? At Diaper Testing International, we break down products to their core parts to analyze and understand how each product is made. Reverse Engineering of the product leads to effective Cost Analysis on raw materials, giving you a glimpse into your competitors’ operations.

In-Depth Analysis and Interpretation of Results.

Diaper Testing International is an affiliate of Richer Investments. Together, we provide an interpretation and analysis for each test requested. Results by themselves only tell part of the story, having the right insight on the meaning of the results is the Diaper Testing International advantage.


  • Performance Benchmarks
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Cost Analysis
  • Historical Records and Product Evolution
  • Third Party Quality Control

About Diaper Testing International

We are a laboratory specialized in the diaper industry that provides insightful testing and product analysis.

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Have a question or need more information? Please contact us at info@diapertesting.com

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