Laboratory Testing Services

Laboratory Testing and Consulting Services for the Absorbent Hygiene Product Industry.

Laboratory Services Offered

  • Core performance tests on baby diapers and adult incontinence products.
  • Benchmarks across different markets and tiers.
  • R&D through product surgeries and substitutions.
  • Competitive intelligence through reverse engineering.
  • Retainer services with consulting hours and monthly testing packages.

Beyond Simple Results

Providing interpretation and analysis for each test result using more than 35 years of experience in the field to help build plans of action to tackle diaper design, raw material specifications and manufacturing issues.

  • Third party validation of supplier product specifications.
  • Understand different product requirements for different markets.
  • Become current in global product trends to meet incontinence needs.
  • Build and validate new diaper design.
  • Quality control and comprehensive inventory audits.
  • Historical benchmarks and product evolution.
  • Complimenting laboratory data with user experience via Homes user Tests and Focus Groups.
  • Connect with experienced consultants for insights from building a new factory to market intelligence, customer service and sustainability pursuits.

Laboratory Test Packages

Complete Diaper Performance Package will provide a look into the performance of the diaper core and can be used to compare performance between brands. This test package will include the following:

  • Strike Through – Acquisition Speed.
  • Rewet – Measure of Dryness
  • Centrifugal Retention (Retentive Capacity)
  • Free Swell Capacity
  • Cuff Spill Test
  • Weight Distribution
  • Relevant Product Dimensions and Measurements
  • Pad Symmetry
  • Hook & Loop Peel Force
  • Elastomeric Creep Test
  • Photos of Product including Backlit Core

Reverse Engineering Package consists of manual disassembly of the diaper samples to better understand the design of the product including fluff and SAP grammage, and the GSM of the raw martial components. The grammage of the components (backsheet, topsheet, ADL &etc) per brand can provide you a look into the raw material costs associated with the assembly of that product.

Other Details

  • Reach out to info@diapertesting for a full list of our services and investment.

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