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Explore our comprehensive Market Research Services tailored for the absorbent hygiene product industry. From home user tests to review mining, our expert analysis provides actionable insights to guide your diaper design and strategic decision-making.

Tracking and Validating Product Performance through Home User Tests

The ultimate data collection method – directly from the source: parents with babies. Compliment laboratory testing with objective measures of diaper performance from analyzing product utilization data captured from real babies, including tracking for prevalence and source of premature leakages, pad deformation and more.

Consumer Research via Focus Groups

Careful selection of sample groups and fieldwork studies followed by a guided discussion drafted and executed by diaper industry experts will provide a level of insight superior to consumer research carried out by conventional marketers.

Increase Current Subscriber Utilization

Many e-commerce companies often overlook the valuable information they could be gaining from their subscribers that are within easy reach and readily available. Structure your surveys, newsletters and customer service team to capture valuable feedback that will help you improve diaper design.

Review Mining: Data Capturing and Analysis of Consumer Feedback from Public Online Sources

Analyzing published reviews from public forums including Amazon and other review-based websites. Gain competitive advantage from understanding consumer complaints and areas of opportunity for your brand.

We can help you determine:


Identifying what questions need to be answered is the first step in planning research. We can help you collect the right data for your situation. Avoid paying for research that does not answer your questions.


Speaking to the correct respondents is crucial to actionable data. We will help you determine who to get feedback from and what sample size is recommended in order to have the confidence in the data to be analyzed.

Survey Design and Discussion Guide

The best carefully outlined objectives, sampling and execution will not lead to useful data if the discussion or survey questions are not designed properly to land practical and functional responses.


With more than 35 years of experience in the field and many projects across the world, our team is well equipped to execute any market research service in-house or with a foreign third-party executioner and translator.


Diaper Testing International provides suggestions and actionable diaper design recommendations based on your survey data. We identify patterns of behavior, opportunities for improvement, and provide additional consulting follow up. Your data should guide your business’s next big move.

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