Thank you for attending our 2021 Hygienix Global Trends Workshop.

We hope you were able to take away useful insights and hope to see you again in the next Hygienix 2022.

Diaper Testing International will be releasing a full report of the 2021 US Baby Disposable Diaper Market. Featuring some of the most popular brands sold in the US, and sharing the laboratory data of their key performance specs, photos, and measurements. We’ll send you an email when the report is for purchase.

Scroll down to download the Hygienix Global Trends Workshop slides.

Diaper Testing International Services:

Product Performance Benchmarks and Product Audits

Diaper core performance tests and benchmarks across different markets and tiers. Comprehensive evaluation and visual audits of production runs, including minor, major and critical defects and the incidence of each.

Market Research and in Home Use Tests

Track and validate product performance and target market acceptance through in-home use test product placement. Our services include help with setting objectives, sampling and test design to conduct research as well as execution and analysis of results to understand prevalence of leakages, consumer preference, and more.

Reverse Engineering and Project Consulting

Competitive intelligence through reverse engineering diapers including gaining basis weight of nonwoven and film components, and SAP and fluff grammage. Consulting projects including R&D product surgeries to evaluate performance impact of new materials, cost analysis, and product design.

Know Diaper Training Seminar

Diaper crash course providing a curriculum tailored for your specific business needs in the confidence of a private audience. Our new offices will be able to host in-person private training seminars for groups of up to six to eight participants. We will continue to offer private live webinars through ZOOM as well.

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