US Walmart Report: All Good and Rascal + Friends

Gain Insight into the two new Walmart exclusive baby diaper brands that have made their way to the aisles of the US’s biggest retailer.

The report will provide context into these new brands including:

  • photos of their packaging, relative price per unit, and value proposition to consumers
  • diaper core performance benchmarks including rewet, speed and capacity and comparing against the range and average of 17 brands in the US market
  • estimated GSM of various nonwoven components compared to the US benchmark
  • close up photos with 40X magnification of nonwoven and hook & loop components of each brand

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    Diaper Testing International

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    • Core performance tests on baby diapers and adult incontinence products.
    • Benchmarks across different markets and tiers.
    • R&D through product surgeries and substitutions.
    • Competitive intelligence through reverse engineering.

    We provide in-house market research services including market evaluation, pricing analysis, consumer research and insights via various research tools including focus groups, social media listening, review mining and better utilization of current subscriber feedback from e-commerce accounts. We additionally offer home user tests to track and validate performance of product design changes or new product introductions to market and compliment laboratory performance data with use data from real babies.

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    About Diaper Testing International

    We are a laboratory specialized in the diaper industry that provides insightful testing and product analysis.

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