How well is brand messaging and value proposition translated to the consumer experience?

If you missed the presentation at Hygienix 2020, we’re sharing it here.

Gain insight into the consumer feedback of various baby diaper popular brands as obtained through review mining of public sources. Understand what the main concerns of consumers are and how prevalent each concern is across different brands.

Are you using the proper tools to validate product design changes? Explore the different market research tools and why it is so important to understand your market and its response to new products before acting on global market trends. Through Diaper Testing International, Consulting firm Richer Investment has been providing laboratory performance tests along with technical support for more than 10 years now. Complimenting lab data with user tests and correlating feedback with product design is now more important than ever as brands seek to gain competitive advantage through raw material differentiation as well as aesthetics and brand values.


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We are a laboratory specialized in the diaper industry that provides insightful testing and product analysis.

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