We offer three main testing profiles:

Pad System Performance Test

This test helps understand the performance of the diaper core. It provides an excellent template for historical follow-up of product performance for products and R&D projects.

It includes:

• Strike Through – Acquisition Speed.

• Rewet – How dry the topsheet remains after an insult is applied.

• Centrifugal Retention (Retentive Capacity) – How much saline 0.9% water is returned to the topsheet when under load.

• Free Swell Capacity – The maximum capacity of the absorbent core without load.

• Cuff Spill Test – Test the resilience of the leg cuff to insults.

• Weight Distribution.

Complete Diaper Performance Test

This test helps comprehend the performance of the diaper core as well as key containment and manufacturing points.

It includes all the tests on the Pad System Performance Test and:

• Pad Symmetry.

• Dimensions and measurements of the diaper, including maximum and minimum waist circumference.

• Hook & Loop Peel Force.

• Elastomeric Creep Test.

• Pictures of packaging front and back (when applicable).

• Pictures of the topsheet, backsheet and back-lit core.

Diaper Reverse Engineering

This test helps understand the raw materials involved in the creation of each diaper. This test was designed with diaper manufacturers and raw material suppliers in mind.

It includes everything the Complete Diaper Performance Test includes, and:

• Diaper Disassembly with GSM analysis for each individual component (topsheet, Backsheet, ADL, etc.).

• SAP Extraction and performance profiles for speed and capacity.
With these results, an executive summary is provided by Carlos Richer explaining the test results. For orders over 5 SKUs, we also include 1 hour of consulting with Carlos Richer through video Skype or GotoMeeting to explain test results and answer any questions that may arise.

More importantly, we offer retainer services with Carlos Richer that include UNLIMITED tests per month (result delivery time is proportional to the number of SKU’s requested). This includes consulting hours with Carlos Richer every month to use as needed. Carlos Richer can provide more information with regards to these services.

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